Cycle 350

In conjunction with World Water Day every year, (RE)CYCLE350 or C350 is an initiative to create awareness of reducing carbon footprint through restoring and reusing bicycles and recycling bicycle parts into works of art. Through restoring used bicycles instead of manufacturing new ones, we can save up to 500 gallons of water per recycled bicycle.


In 2015, C350 cycling event was held at Sports Hub. We invited restoration artiste Poon Kng Joo who showcased a recycled bicycle art installation during the launch of WWD on 21 March 2015. Some of these recycled bicycles were be made available for use during the mass cycling event.


In 2016, C350 cycling event was held at Punggol Waterway Park and was geared towards welcoming a larger gathering of participants across different age groups and backgrounds. Participants had a great cycling experience as they steer through the beautiful parks of Punggol Waterway Park.


In 2017, C350 cycling event invited participants and their entire household to be actively involved in saving water during this year's event, in conjunction with Singapore World Water Day 2017. All registered participants who were able to reduce water consumption by 1 Cubic Metre until the event date (indicated in their SP Services water bills) will be receiving a $1 rebate in addition to the goodie bag at the end of the cycling event. All they needed to do was to snap a picture of their water consumption bills over the past month(s).